Vincent Brown and the San Diego State Pro Day

Posted: 23rd April 2011 by admin in Football

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New NFL Draft 101 Contributor, Fernando Stepensky recently had the opportunity to be in attendance at the San Diego State Pro Day featuring sleeper WR Vincent Brown and others.  Here is Fernando’s report:

There were around twenty teams at the SDSU pro day on Thursday, and a large majority of them were there to eye standout receivers Vincent Bown and DeMarco Sampson.

During the combine test portion, Vincent Brown ran a 4.5 and a 4.53, according to my watch. By all means, this was faster than the 4.68 he was timed at the Combine and should help alleviate some speed concerns.  Overall, Brown’s performance was solid not awe-inspiring. The one thing that stood out throughout the workout were his hands.  He has big, sure hands and did not drop a pass during the workout.  On the negative side, there were some aspects of his game that he needs to further refine.  For example, one of the Aztec coaches and an actual NFL free agent said that his form looks weak. They told me, “His pumping of the arms looks very awkward.” Another problem I saw which, once again, was pointed out on the sideline, was Vincent Brown’s technique before running his routes. On more than one occasion, he had his hands completely down to his sides. This means that he isn’t ready for contact/press, which is something that many DB’s in the league are skilled at. The most prime example of this technique is used by Darrelle Revis. Overall, I could see Brown going somewhere in the late third round to mid fourth round possibly to the Rams who appeared to be the team most interested him at the workout.

DeMarco Sampson looked very sloppy on his pro day. He ran a 4.41 and a 4.46, which is great for a man of his stature. Where I, along with many reporters and scouts had a problem with was his footwork. At one point, a high school coach and a friend of DeMarco’s trainer told me, “It’s incredible how these men wait all their lives for this moment, and then they mess it up”. This was told to me while DeMarco was running a cone drill, in which he slipped. I was also told his footwork was way to loud when running his routes. “I don’t want to hear your feet,” one scout told me. I am unsure if he will be drafted come April.

Well, now that we are done talking about what everyone else is talking about, let’s finish with the breakout star. Two words: CB Jose Perez. He ran an outstanding 4.45 and 4.41. He really stands out in the crowd because he looks so determined. His burst is beyond anything I have ever seen and when he hits that 20 yard mark he is gone. I was standing around a couple coaches from college and high school when he worked out and they were impressed after every drill of his. I saw the Colts pretty interested in him. The interesting thing about this kid is that he doesn’t have to play corner back. I was told by scouts they could see him at safety, and one person said they could see him at wide receiver. I feel that, because he is so athletic and versastile, he will most likely be selected in April. What inspired me the most was he was the first one in and the last one out – literally. I got there 30 minutes before anybody else, and Jose was there jogging around the field. When he was done along, with all the wide outs, he stayed to watch his fellow teammates, unlike most of the other players. May I also add most scouts and coaches didn’t stay to see the defensive or offensive linemen. I think he showed tremendous character, determination, and overall athleticism. I wish him all the best and I am confident he will have a promising future in the NFL.


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