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Back again with another post from one is head writer Fernando Stepensky who is of Mexican decent wanting to chime in on Cinco De Mayo today. He decided to break down the amazing Pepto Bismol commercial featuring Aroldis Chapman.

A couple things come to mind in this hilarious commercial. First off, I want to start by saying Cinco de Mayo isn’t very celebrated in Mexico. I am Mexican myself and truly, the Americans celebrate it more then the Mexicans. Secondly, Aroldis is Cuban not Mexican so why he is in this commercial is beyond me. Those are the two negatives, but there are also two positives.

One,  Aroldis Chapman is a beast and I was at Petco Park when he threw the famous 105.1 mph pitch. The whole stadium erupted and the guy I was with (Eduardo Sneider) almost spit out his beer. So, that’s first off secondly; the commercial is hilarious and one of my Top 5 at the moment.


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