Wimbledon Wants to Ban What?

Posted: 27th June 2011 by admin in Uncategorized

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Back in the mix is Fernando Stepensky resident head writer (twitter.com/fersports101) who wanted to chime in on the recent proposal at Wimbledon that is attempting to end the excessive grunting we hear from so many players. Check out the valid points he brings up on this heavily debated matter:

In Tennis their isn’t a lot of sound. In football you have players yelling, fans cheering, and the commentators dictating what is happening. However, in tennis all you have is the commentators voice and the players grunting. The fans aren’t allowed to speak, sort of like in golf. Currently, one of the four Tennis Grand Slams, Wimbledon is going on and some officials are trying to ban grunting.

Ian Ritchie who is the chief executive of the All England Lawn and Tennis Club (the place where Wimbledon is played) said, “We have discussed it with the tours and we believe it is helpful to reduce the amount of grunting. We are one tournament in a global circuit. But we have made our views clear and we would like to see less of it.”

This is just flat out crazy for several reasons. One, grunting actually helps hit the ball harder as proved by a scientific study. Two, about 70% of tennis players grunt. Three, if grunting is outlawed who will decide if a player was grunting and what will the punishment be?

Honestly, you can not outlaw this and I feel that if Wimbledon does outlaw it, players will stop participating in the tournament. I mean the players are already restricted to having to wear all white clothing and now they cant grunt? I mean the All England Lawn and Tennis Club is prestigious, but this would just be crossing the line!


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